About Powerhouse Partners Inc.

Residential Project Marketing & Sales

OUR MISSION is to transform & accelerate the way you MARKET & SELL by presenting your HOMES the way people want to find them.

A Unique “Hybrid” Marketing Agency for New Residential Projects


We bring together vertically integrated teams of residential marketing and sales specialists to make sales happen faster. Through partnerships with expert companies like Big Click, Evans2Design, DIGMAA and others, our customized teams collaborate to complete the loop and close the gap between pre-project launch and final completion and exit in the shortest amount of time possible. Together, we bring you exclusive residential marketing programs, campaigns and uniquely new strategies for sales velocity, risk reduction and project success. We truly are an “end to end” industry solution.

A "Super" Agency

Managing the best customized project “A-Teams” of marketing specialists for each project

Forward Thinking

New & trending marketing deas and strategies from wide range of marketing partnerships

Scalable Production

People and processes to handle large, and time-sensitive projects quicky and efficiently

Intensely Local

Unique strategies and tools to dramatically amplify awareness and location — wherever you build.

Call us today. We’ll literally put you on the map!

Dynamic Teams

We start each project with a core team of residential marketing experts, strategists and campaign managers. Every project may require additional skills, specialists, tools and services–depending on residential type, location and target buyer profiles and budget. With dynamic teams, you get exactly the right marketing mix you need for every project.

  • Residential Marketing Only 80% 80%
  • “Specialist” and “Expert” Designations 90% 90%
  • Internet Marketing Focus 75% 75%
  • 5+ Years Experience 85% 85%

Artfully blending data, strategy and technology with stunningly beautiful marketing sites, Powerhouse Partners creates the absolute best buyer-seeking, lead-generating, marketing and sales campaign systems you need to sell out in the shortest time possible.

More Info

Our management team is located in Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA.  Our extended marketing specialists are North America wide.

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Office: 780-851-6782 

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